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Large Amusement Device Industry Safety Technology Conference Held in Zhongshan

Published:2021-11-25 10:53:43.0  Publisher:admin

On October 10th, Large Amusement Device Industry Safety Technology Conference was held in Zhongshan successfully. The Department Director of Amusement Devices of CSEI, Mr. Liang Chaohu presided over the meeting, and more than 150 people from special equipment inspection institutions, representatives of amusement device manufacturers and users attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the personnel from Amusement Device Department introduced and analyzed the accident statistics and typical cases of large amusement devices in recent years in combination with the main problems occurred in plant and on-site type test of large amusement devices and on-site inspection cases. And relevant experts from Guangdong Special Inspection Institute and Guangdong Jinma Amusement Co., Ltd. were also invited to exchange views on the investigation of potential safety hazards of "flying at high altitude", ultrasonic testing cases of T-welded joints of large amusement facilities, and risk identification and control in the process of design, manufacturing and installation.

The meeting was held during Zhongshan International Game and Entertainment Expo, which built an industry safety technology exchange platform for amusement facility users and manufacturers, and played the role of CSEI in leading and promoting the overall technological progress of the industry. At the same time, it promoted the safety management and technology improvement of current amusement facilities, and helped the high-quality development of cultural tourism industry.



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