CSEI Orderly Carries out the Remote Manufacturer Survey of Overseas Special Equipment Manufacture Licensing

Published:2020-12-28 15:18:44.0 Publisher:admin

This year the spreading of the novel coronavirus epidemic around the world has made it impossible to carry out the manufacturer survey abroad, which has great impact on the overseas special equipment manufacturer survey. The applications of more than 100 overseas boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers have been accepted, and need the onsite survey urgently.

In order to ensure the imported special equipment purchased by domestic users can enter China in accordance with laws and regulations, and assist domestic enterprises to resume work and production in an orderly manner and restore economic cycle, Division of International Cooperation of CSEI gave full play to the role of technical support, and actively cooperated with the government regulatory authorities to carry out research, data statistics and policy research related to remote manufacturer survey.

With the policy support of the regulatory authorities, Division of International Cooperation made an implementation plan to orderly carry out the remote survey for overseas eligible manufacturers. At present, the remote surveys for five manufacturers from Belgium, the United States, Denmark and South Korea have been completed successfully, and the accepted remote survey projects are being gradually advanced. The specific implementation methods of the remote survey also have been perfected and matured in the process of project promotion.

Under the premise of ensuring that the overseas special equipments enter China in accordance with laws and regulations, the implementation of remote survey not only solves the pressing needs of overseas manufacturers, but also timely meets the urgent needs of domestic enterprises for high-quality imported special equipments, and plays a positive role in ensuring the stable operation of economy.



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